Why You Need A Headshot

At AYSTUDIO we believe that a great brand starts with a great photo and whether you’re a professional, actor, or model, that brand is YOU! We all know the importance of first impressions, are you putting your best face forward? Many people will happily invest their time, money, and energy to improving their career, but won't think twice about the outdated and blurry headshots they use to represent themselves online.

A professional headshot is an under-rated, yet extremely important personal and business marketing tool and a must-have for any serious professional. A great headshot creates a strong first impression, inspires trust, and personalizes who you are.

Headshots are required for any serious actor, professional, or model. Whether it’s for a speaking event, media appearance, audition, Linkedin profile, or the cover of your new book, a strong headshot will set you apart.

People hire individuals first, and companies second, so make those first impressions count!

Where to Use Your Headshot

  • Your personal or business website

  • Professional, social, and dating profiles Profiles (eg. Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Tinder, Bumble)

  • Profile photo when guest blogging

  • Media press kits

  • TV/Film/Modelling auditions

  • Investor pitch books

How Much Should You Pay?

Great headshot photographers can be found across multiple price points. Short sessions with one or two looks can run as low as $150 in major markets and even go as high as $1500. Prices vary depending on how many different looks you need and the quality of photographer you're working with. Low cost options are available, but consistency and quality of work will vary greatly at those price ranges.

For corporate headshots, most photographers will offer group rates for the entire company. This is ideal for companies looking to have consistent photos of their team on their website. Availabilities should be considered as well, as the top shooters are typically booked weeks in advance. Some photographers only shoot in-studio, but others are available to travel to your location. Make sure you factor all this in when hiring someone, since these things can all affect how much you pay.

Most importantly, you should research and compare photographers based on their portfolio. Try to hire a photographer who's work has a look and feel that resonates with your brand and someone who has experience photographing people that look like you.

For information on our packages, please visit the Rates & Shoot Information page

Tips for your headshot session

  • Bring a hairbrush and hair ties

  • Iron your clothes

  • Collared shirts with neutral tones and simple patterns work best

  • Bring a few shirt options

  • Keep your makeup light and natural

  • Throw on some music


Executive Portraits

Whether you're a CEO looking to refresh your professional photo, or a new graduate wanting to stand out during your job hunt, any professional can benefit from a business headshot. You are the face of your brand so whether it’s on Linkedin, speaking engagement, website, or investor pitch book, it’s important to present yourself in a professional light with a professional headshot.


Actor Headshots

Actor headshots are important to convey personality and to leave a memorable impression after an audition. Great lighting is absolutely critical! Make sure your expression and wardrobe are also in harmony . A great photographer knows how to put these elements together to capture the perfect headshot.

Seek for referrals from other actors or casting directors. Every actor has a "go-to-guy" and a headshot horror story, so take your time to look for someone with a great reputation and track record.


Modeling Portfolios

Your portfolio photos are very important if you're a model actively booking with an agency. Your photos are meant to showcase your unique features for commercial and runway modelling jobs and are thus your most important sales tools.

A strong portfolio will make it easier and faster for a booking agent to match you with casting directors and jobs. Make sure your portfolio includes a headshot and full length shots. Your photos should have some variety, aim for 5-8 different looks to showcase your versatility. This should include a top-notch headshot.

Here's what Miracle Kerr, Co-Owner & Agency Director at Miracle Management has to say,

"Headshots and Portfolios are a NECESSARY INVESTMENT. Don’t expect anyone in the industry to take you seriously if you do not have the proper headshot, let alone portfolio. This is a highly competitive industry, so don’t even think about contacting an agency if you’re not willing to take this seriously. The agency will be out here trying to get you work and auditions, and if you're unable to provide them with the tools they need to book you work, then you’re not ready.

Great headshots are NOT DONE FOR FREE, and your friend with a camera does not have the professional skills required to make you marketable to casting directors."

Get high quality photos for your portfolio to help you shine through and be memorable after every audition. This means great lighting and confident poses that capture your personality.

Don't forget to order comp cards that showcase your best photos and list your measurements. It's a helpful leave behind for casting directors and can even help you skip the audition and get booked directly.

Invest in a handful of great photos. It’s better to have fewer photos that are great than having a lot of bad photos. 


Don't forget to practice your poses! Here's a great video to get you started: