Your Headshot Session

Before our photoshoot, we’ll connect over a call or email to discuss what type of headshot or portrait you want. This provides us an opportunity to get to know you and review sample photos that will capture your personality.

On shoot day, we’ll meet at either a chosen location or a local studio where we will begin by reviewing your wardrobe options and get you ready for your session.

A handful of different looks are shot during a typical headshot and portrait session to capture your best headshot and provide you with a mix of images for professional and personal use. During the shoot you will have the opportunity to review your photos and pick the ones you love best. This way, you have control over what you get, and walk away with only the photos that exceed your expectations.

Once you choose your photos, they will be uploaded to a private online gallery that you can share with your family, friends, and agency. After reviewing and choosing your photos, they will be edited and prepared for final use and proofs of the final retouched photos will be sent out for approval. Once you’re satisfied, the final images will be uploaded to your private gallery for easy retrieval.


Preparation Tips


Bring a bring a mix of professional and casual pieces that reflect your personal style and brand. Solid colors, simple patterns, and collared shirts are always a good look for a headshot. Go light on the jewelry to keep the attention on yourself. 

For Men

  • Polos

  • V-Neck T-shirts

  • Henleys

  • Cotton Button up

  • Dress Shirt, tie, and Jacket

For Women:

  • Blouse

  • V-Neck T-shirt

  • Tunic

  • Cotton Fitted Dress Shirt

  • Dress Jacket

What to Avoid:

  • Short sleeves and sleeveless shirts

  • Low necklines and turtlenecks

  • Large, busy, and bright patterns

  • Bright colors (eg. Red, Baby Blue, Lime Green)

  • Shiny fabrics (eg. Silk & Satin)

Preferred Colors

  • Navy Blue

  • Grey

  • White

  • Pastels

  • Dark Green

  • Brown / Beige

  • Burgandy

AYSTUDIO - Executive Portraits.jpg


Light make up is recommended to reduce skin shine and imperfections. Ensure even coverage and aim for a "natural" look with a subtle emphasis on your eyes. If you require a makeup artist, we can hire one on your behalf for $250.

Makeup for men is not recommended. All images will receive light retouching and image editing. Extensive photo editing requests will incur additional charges depending on the scope of work required.


Please arrive at the shoot with your hair ready and looking its best. Any special requests should be communicated before your session. A hair stylist can be hired for the shoot.

Facial Hair

Beards are great! You know your brand better than we do, so rock whatever facial hair you want. Light grooming will go along way, so bring your favourite grooming products with you to make sure you're looking your best.